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Summer Bucketlist for the Family

Happy First Day of Summer! I am overjoyed and really hope this means that the rain will calm down from now going forward.

Whoever said April showers bring May flowers clearly didn’t live in the state of Virginia. It has been raining here non-stop since April. It is just putting a total damper on our days.


Kids are not well-tamed when they have to spend all of them time in a house and can’t go out and run all their energy out.


While it’s true that we could take them out to a movie or for an indoor activity, I just worry about how easy they will be since they’ve been stir crazy for a few days. They may not know how to act.


C`mon. I know my kids aren’t the only wild ones.
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All jokes aside here is the Summer Bucket List I hope to accomplish this summer with my kids:

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

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