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6 Tips for the Sports Mom

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I don’t know about you, but in the first few seconds of finding out I was going to be a mom, I fantasized about being a sports mom. I didn’t really get to play sports when I was younger so I knew I wanted to give my kids the opportunity.

Nathan was a baseball player in high school. He has a passion for it.

When he found out we were having a boy, he instantly hoped that he would love baseball.

Fast forward 6 years and T is officially old enough in our town to be able to play T-ball. Of course, Nathan was ecstatic and is his T-ball coach.

We also thought it was appropriate to put Kennedy in a sport too. Currently, she is gymnastics but we hope to enroll her in dance soon too.

We spend our weekend’s knees deep in sports events for the kids. I couldn’t be happier but I’ve learned some things along the way.

Here are a few tips that I have learned to help stay sane during our endless time spent enjoying the sports events that our children are in.

  1. Get Organized: It’s best to write down all of the games and practices on a monthly calendar so that the family can see those things. My favorite calendar and planner to use are through Erin Condren. If I didn’t keep the schedule together then I don’t think that we would all be able to keep up if it wasn’t on display for everyone.
  2. Be Prepared: I love to pack snacks, drinks, and toys for the youngest so that we have entertainment on the ball field while the oldest is playing. Not to mention, they get hungry! I always make sure they have a snack after their sport or even during for the one that is sitting on the sidelines. Watching is hard work if you didn’t know. I use my Large Utility Tote that I bought from someone selling Thirty-One and it has been a life saver for these things. I found some similar here if you don’t have or know of a Thirty One Distributor. It’s a bit cheaper too.
  3. Have the kids help: This is a big one. I have my kids grab their own bags and take responsibility for them. Of course, their kids and you have to double-check behind them but it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about. It’s important to give them some responsibility too. They’ll learn from it and they feel like a big help.
  4. Make Friends with the Parents: It’s always nice to make friends with a couple of the parents so that you can indulge in adult conversation while you’re waiting for the game to begin or even during the game. This doesn’t mean you have to befriend everyone but find a buddy. Preferably on the same team!
  5. Stay Out of the Drama: This one is self-explanatory. As much as I would love to get along with everyone, that just won’t always be the case, unfortunately. It still amazes me how much drama can be surrounded by our children’s sports. Be aware and steer clear!
  6. Enjoy! The hustle and the bustle can get the best of us at times. You must always keep in mind why you do it. Everything you do is so worth it just to see your child happy. Drink some Advocare Spark, not the alcoholic kind, to keep you energized and enjoy the game/meet/recital or whatever it may be.

Watching our kids do something they love and enjoy is a great thing. What are some tips that you have when it comes to being a sports parent?


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