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How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5 Easy Steps

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Have you been wanting to start a blog but just not sure where to start? I can help.

Decide on your Niche

I cannot explain how important this step is. When I first decided to start a blog back in 2015, I did not have any clue what I wanted to write about. I had no idea how many different Niches were out there. WHO KNEW? One of the most common niches is Lifestyle. I thought this would be a simple niche to take on, but on a real note, it is so complex. I got overwhelmed by the idea.

After launching my blog with that niche, I asked around in my Facebook groups for advice.

The best advice given to me? Narrow it down. Most people start a blog with the purpose of helping people. I wanted to help people but if they would have come to my blog back then, they wouldn’t have known what in the world I “specialized” in.

When someone comes to your blog, they absolutely need to know what you do and how they will benefit from following you within seconds.

As you can see, I narrowed my niche down. I am not a blogger that specializes in fitness and motherhood.

Choose a niche that is near and dear to you and run with it. It doesn’t exactly mean that you can only write about those things but it should be a subject that you will talk about most.

Choose your Domain

Honestly, this was the hardest part for me. Choosing your domain is essentially choosing your brand.

Back in the AIM or LiveJournal days, I was so inconsistent when it came to choosing a username. It was the hardest thing for me. I probably changed my username once every couple of months.

Think long and hard about this one because this is not something that you should be changing up often. This name should stick with you for a long time.

There is no special story behind my domain. I just really love the color mint. Before I settled on this name, I wanted to do something with my last name or even my first name. It doesn’t have to be complex. The more simple is it, the better.

Also, you’ll get the choice to make your domain a .COM or .NET. There are several options to choose from but I highly recommend sticking with just the regular ol` .COM. It just seems more official.

Get Hosting!

Bluehost is the most common hosting site throughout the blog world. I highly recommend them because of their simplicity. They offer simple plans, easy installation of WordPress, and a free domain.Who doesn’t love a deal? I also love that their dashboard is easy to familiarize yourself with.

No worries, if you have a domain already through someone else, you can still get hosted through Bluehost.

Go here to get started.

Next, you’ll need to choose a plan

There is also a PRIME plan but I recommend going with one of these. I have the BASIC plan. If you change your mind, Bluehost will let you upgrade your account at any time, just by contacting them. They will not charge you the full amount, only the difference.

Next, it will have you register your domain. You should have chosen one already at this point. You’ll enter the domain that you want or if you already have one, you can enter it here.

Finally, you’ll complete your registration by choosing your package information. Here you’ll enter in your personal information and choose the package you want. You can choose from a 12/24/36/60 month plans. The longer the plan the better the deal. Above you see where the $3.95/month was an option, this is true for plans that are 36 and 60 months long. You’ll pay the monthly cost in full when signing up. When I first signed up, I got the 12-month plan and set it up for auto-renew.

This is another situation where Bluehost will change your plan for you with no issues if you just contact them. They’ll only charge you for the remainder.

You can also choose if you want to have Domain Privacy Protection, Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart, Sitelock Security, Comondo PosiveSSL Bundle.

I chose to only stick with Domain Privacy Protection which makes sure my contact information is kept private from the public.

Once you’ve decided on your plan and pay you’re ready to install WordPress.

Install WordPress

Once you are logged into Cpanel you’ll go to the top and click on Website.

It’ll then bring you to this screen, where you’ll just click, Install Now.

Next, you’ll just follow the prompts to get it set up. Do not get discouraged by the bottom of the page where it asks for your domain name. It will suggest that a Pro can do it for you but you can do it yourself for FREE. You’ll just enter your domain and hit next.

Design it!

This can be a tad bit complicated if you are not familiar with HTML or coding. WordPress has an easy customization feature for all themes where you can customize basic things on your theme. You’ll be able to see your theme or blog while you’re customizing it. I will say that Pinterest helped me a lot with this too.

WordPress comes with a bunch of free themes for your blog. You also have access to the Mojo Marketplace for themes and add ons.

If you’re interested in purchasing a theme. Solo Pine themes are my favorite right now. My current theme Oleander was purchased from them through Creative Market. I have hopes of opening up a blog shop very soon and this theme allows WooCommerce which I am throughly excited about. I also purchased their Redwood theme.


Congrats! You officially have a WordPress blog now! I’m so excited for you. Leave your link below so that I can follow you! Also if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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